Hammock For Dogs: How to Choose The Perfect Hammock

choosing the perfect Hammock For Dogs

Hammocks are a favorite sleeping pleasure for camping or hiking, and they aid comfort whenever you go on a camping trip. Therefore, when you want to go camping with your dog, your dog’s sleeping pleasure is vital. 

Dogs enjoy running around in your backyard, on the streets, and in the park, so you know taking your favorite buddy to a pet-friendly campsite, would increase your bond and help for a memorable experience.

Choosing the perfect hammock for your dog includes tasks like observing your dog’s traits, and temperament, trying the traditional hammock style with your dog and observing how they respond to it, opting for a hammock size that can hold your dog’s weight, trimming your pup’s nails and prepare all necessary gear, and opt for a highly durable hammock. 

Here are some of the highly recommended hammocks, perfect for your dog during a camping trip

  • The Best Rated Camping Hammock: Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammock.
  • A Quality Camping Hammock With Net and Tarp: Easthills Outdoors Jungle Explorer 118″ x 79″ Double Camping Hammock.
  • The Best Durable Camping Hammock: Bear Butt Camping Hammock.

Sometimes perfection comes from a few trials, that’s why it’s advisable to try a test run at home or in the park, to have your dog acclimatize to hammock camping,  and to know what’s suitable for you and your dog.

Read on for a guide on choosing the perfect hammock for your dog, during a camping trip. 

Is Hammock Camping Suitable For Your Dog? 

Start by observing and understanding your dog’s traits, breed, and temperament, if you haven’t taken your dog on a camping trip. You need to introduce your pet to the idea of camping by doing a test run in your backyard or at the park. It is also advisable to start with a short overnight trip with your dog at a pet-friendly campsite, to help them adjust. 

Another important thing to consider, is if your dog likes the idea of hammocks, some dogs prefer to coddle on the floor, so you need a tent, quilt, or blanket instead, whilst some prefer snuggling with their owner either in a hammock or tent.

The idea is to slowly introduce your pet to the idea of hammock camping by purchasing a spacious, durable, conventional styled hammock. 

Also, dogs react to weather conditions differently, some dogs do better hammock camping in the winter, whilst others prefer a warmer temperature. It is generally not advised to take your dog hammock camping during hot summer conditions, especially for breeds with thick furs. 

Lastly, understanding the kind of camping trip that suits your dogs, larger breeds can combat longer camping trips, whilst smaller breeds may find it difficult, opt to ease your dog into the camping experience, although hammock camping is easier with smaller dogs. 

sleeping in a hammock
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What To Consider When Choosing The Perfect Hammock For Dogs

Here are a couple of things to look at when shopping for hammocks for dogs.

1. The Preferred Hammock Style

If you’re introducing hammock camping to your dog for the first time, try helping them adjust to the traditionally styled hammock with a low sag. You can easily cuddle with your pet and have them enjoy the comfort of a hammock with the easy dip than a flat-hung hammock. 

2. The Right Hammock Size

It is important the hammock can hold the weight of your dog, for them to enjoy proper comfort. A smaller-sized dog (under 20lbs) can enjoy the comforts of a single hammock or be coddled with you on the hammock. However bigger sized dogs (within 25-40lbs) would enjoy a double-sized hammock better, it is also best to prepare a separate hammock for them. 

3. Use A Sturdy Hammock

Dogs like to move around, play or claw out on things, so you know mixing a hammock and your dog, you need a sturdy hammock to survive the fit of your dog. purchase a well-durable hammock, if you’re unsure the one you have isn’t as sturdy, this way your hammock can easily secure your dog.

4. Prepare All Necessary Hammock Camping Gear

Camping comes with planning, and now that you have a travel buddy, you have to plan for it as well. Ensure your dog is vaccinated, acclimatized to nature enough, trim its toenails, and carry along all necessary hammock camping gear like (the hammock, its a strap, a trap or bug net, blankets or quilt, first aid, doggy food and water bowl, booties, leash, and doggy pop bag). 

Now you’re ready to select the perfect hammock that suits you and your dog. 

5 Suitable Hammocks For Dogs

Here are some of the hammocks we recommend.

1. The Best Rated Camping Hammock Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammock

This is a comfort-given hammock for you and your dog, and it’s rated a bestseller and labeled “Amazon’s choice” on the site. it’s about 10 feet long and you can either purchase the single or double styled option. It can hold up to 500 pounds, is easy to set up, and is super portable.

It has a comfortable sag, to fit both you and your pet, with 9-foot-long straps to adjust to any preferred height. It is a popular buy and you’d get the value for your money. 

2. The Best Durable Camping HammockBear Butt Camping Hammock

Any bear butt camping hammock is popular for its very strong, safe, and durable functions.

It can support the weight capacity of 1000 pounds and is made from specially formulated polyester with very strong tree straps, making it high quality, sturdy and portable hammock, for you and your pup. 

3. A Quality Camping Hammock With Net And TarpEasthills Outdoors Jungle Explorer

This is the perfect shield for rain and bugs, giving you and your pup, good quality sleep against any weather conditions or insects.

Some of its best features are that it’s easy to carry, easy to set up, ensures maximum weather protection, and is endorsed by dozens of five-star reviewers on the site. If you’re planning a trip, and the temperature tilts to damp weather, this is the best hammock to go with. 

4. A Go-to Camping Hammock With Underquilt – OneTigris Hideout Hammock Underquilt

This is a great choice camping hammock, for a cozy time with your dog, as it combines the properties of an underquilt and the insulation of a sleeping bag, for a warm sleeping routine during your camping trip.

It is easy to carry around as it includes a compression stuff sack, to compress it into a small size to carry around. It is wind-proof, water-resistant, and made with quality polyester pongee lining.

A review from the site says “ it certainly keeps your warm, affordable, lightweight with a simple setup”.

5. A Popular Dog Bed ChoiceCoolaroo The Original Cooling Elevated Pet Bed

If your dog prefers their own space, this is a well recommended “Amazon’s choice”  for pups up to 50lbs.

It is a great dog bed choice for both the indoors and outdoors, it is easy to set up with breathable and washable features. It protects your pet from the heat and harmful UV rays and helps them relax after a day of hiking. 

Wrapping Up

Selecting the perfect hammock for your dog is no easy fix but it’s doable, take out time to monitor their behaviors, and traits and test-run any hammock you believe would better suit your dog.

Always remember to prepare your dog for a hammock camping trip, vaccinate them, and pick out a durable, conventional, large-sized hammock. 

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