13 Great Views In Barcelona | Must See 2022

13 Great Views In Barcelona

Have you heard of the breathtaking vistas and views Barcelona, Spain has to offer, and you need a guide for your next trip there? Or you’re simply curious about the great views the city has to offer. 

Exploring, beautiful vistas, new cultures, and remarkable foods are the main reasons why we tour across the globe. Now, let’s help guide you on the best places to visit to get the best views in Barcelona while enjoying what the city likes to offer. 

Some of the places with the best views in Barcelona are; Los Bunkers del Carmel, Palau Guell, Mount Tibidabo, Sagrada Familia Cathedral, Hotel W Barcelona, cable car rides across Mont Montjuïc, Museum of National Art of Catalonia, The Grand Hotel Central, and so on. 

Dear reader, let’s open your eyes to the beautiful places and wondrous views Barcelona has to offer, that are budget-friendly and filled with historic atmosphere, for a memorable visit with your loved ones or family.

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Must-See Views In Barcelona, Spain

Whether it’s a quick trip to the city or trying to impress family or a loved one with a memorable visit, or you want to capture the fantastic beauty of Barcelona, there are great scenic viewpoints, rooftop views, mountains, parks, or museums in the city has to offer. Let’s introduce these places to you: 

The Best Historic Scenic Viewpoints 

These are viewpoints with historic relevance to the people of Barcelona and Spain, they are popularly visited by the locals, budget-friendly, and easily accessible to the public with amazing vista energy. 

1. Los Bunkers del Carmel (Bunkers del Carmel) 

View from Bunkers del Carmel, Barcelona
Image: Image: Alexey Komarov// Wikimedia Commons.

This is a scenic viewpoint place visited by many locals, tourists, agencies, and soon (You too). It was used in the Spanish Civil War of 1936 as an anti-aircraft gun site and is one of the breathtaking gems of the city. The locals like to call it “bunkers”, you can easily take public transportation to get there and there is no entry fee, which is the sweetest deal. It is best to enjoy the view when the sun is setting and the far-away sea. 

2. Sagrada Familia Cathedral 

View from Sagrada Familia Cathedral, Barcelona
Image: Image: Maximillian Hollweck//Wikimedia Commons.

This amazing cathedral (church) was built on history, family, and communion making it one of the most antique places in Barcelona. It is the highest building in the city with mind-blowing architectural designs and views. It is the most famous of all Gaudi’s projects and he predicted that the completion of the church would take 300 years. It is about 17 euros (adult entry) and is advisable to book online to avoid the long queues. 

Note: The towers of the cathedral are currently not accessible (2021) due to security measures, but the exquisite interiors of the Sagrada Familia are still accessible for visits. 

3. Museum of National Arts of Catalonia (MNAC)

View from Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, Barcelona
Image: Baetulonense // Wikimedia Commons.

The Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya offers two great amazing depths to enjoying Barcelona, there’s the antique amazing art and artifacts stored in the Museum, as well as a picturesque view of Barcelona, where you can enjoy an amazing tour with family or friends. It is a popular tourist attraction, which is located at the tip of the Montjuïc abs at the head of a large stairwell that also leads to Placa d’Espanya. 

4. Palau Guell (Park Guell) 

Palau Guell (Park Guell) 
Image: Palau Guell (Park Guell) / Hotels.com

Another great architectural work from Guadi is the Palau Guell, this is a popular landmark in the city and a chance for you to meet many other tourists and connect with them. There’s an entry fee to the park, but there are many free parts of the park, that make for an interesting day filled with fun adventure and memorable times. 

The most popular view is the view from the mosaic benches and many travel guides have a nice picture of it, so after a fun day in the park, sit with a friend or family and take a picture from there. 

5. Mount Tibidabo (Muntanya de Tibidabo)

View from the Mount Tibidabo
Image: Mike McBey//Wikimedia Commons.

Mount Tibidabo doesn’t disappoint because there’s so much to offer a tourist, a visiting explorer, or a time out with loved ones. If you’re the one to hike, enjoy the hiking pleasure Mont has to offer, and if you are the type to enjoy sightseeing, there’s a beautiful view at the highest point of the Mount or the Tibidabo Catalunya Sagrat Cor church and amazing park rides while enjoying the view.

6. Torre de Collserola

Torre de Collserola
Image: Wikimedia Commons

Enjoy the highest point you can get to get a picturesque view of Barcelona in all its glory. During the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, the Torre de Collserola was built as a telecom tower, it is situated at the highest point on Mount Tibidabo and, now it serves as an attractive landmark for many tourists visiting Barcelona. There is also a small entry fee and a bus service designed to help tourists easily access the tower. 

7. Rooftop La Pedrera (Casa Mila)

View from Casa Mila, Barcelona
Image: Nikolai Karaneschev//Wikimedia Commons.

The vista view from the La Pedrera rooftop is a reason many tourists and locals like to visit there. The Casa Mila is a place closely situated around the Gracia district and is surrounded by beautiful colored houses of Casa Batllo, good for exploring and attractive chimney top designs for you and your friends to visit, for a nice time.

It is another creation of Gaudi house and gives you access to explore the house and its architectural beauty. To skip the long queue, purchase an online ticket in advance. 

8. The Telefèric de Montjuic

View from the cable car to the castle of Montjuïc, Barcelona
Author: Mummelgrummel//Wikimedia Commons.

Touring Barcelona with cable cars is a great highlight for many that have tried this method, it is a unique way of viewing the entirety of Mont Montjuïc. The cable car tour system has been used since 2007 and it runs a half mile around three tourist stations.

The first station is the Parc de Montjuïc, the second is Mirador and the last station is the castle of Montjuïc. There is an entry fee and with each stop station, you can glance around and enjoy the view. 

9. The Telefèric del Port

The Telefèric del Port
Image: CGE / Wikimedia Commons.

This cable car also passes through the Montjuic and has been used since the early 1930s. It allows you to get a picturesque view of the Avinguda de Miramar the port of Barcelona, and the San Sebastián tower in Barceloneta. This helps you to bond with your partner or family whilst enjoying the view. 

The Hotels And Beach With The Best Views

10. Grand Hotel Central 

View from Grand Hotel Central, Barcelona
Image: TripAdvisor // Google Images.

Barcelona has the most skyscrapers in Spain and most of them consist of hotels, that aid in enjoying what Barcelona has to offer. The Skybar of the Grand Hotel Central is one of them, consisting of a luxurious hotel, with a rooftop pool and a nice bar to cool down after a long day of sightseeing. 

11. Hotel Miramar

Hotel Miramar trourist
Image: Hotel.info

Another hotel with an exquisite interior, a nice lounge, and a remarkable view of Barcelona is the hotel Miramar. It is situated at Mont Montjuïc and offers the opportunity to enjoy beautiful sunsets and have a wonderful time with a lover, friend, or family. If you choose not to stay in the hotel, book a retreat instead, they offer spa packages and a nice tour around the hotel. 

12. Hotel W Barcelona 

View from Hotel W, Barcelona
Image: Zarateman//Wikimedia Commons.

This is probably the most exquisite of all beach hotels in Barcelona because it is located right on the beach. This is enjoyable as a vacation spot, for lovers or to celebrate an anniversary. You can enjoy the hotel both as a guest and a non-guest. The 26th floor of the hotel is open for non-guests, as long as you buy a drink or something to eat.

Pay attention to your dressing, as beachwear’s not allowed, it is also a pricey place but every moment spent is memorable and luxurious. 

13. Helicopter Flight Across Barcelona

This may be an expensive means to explore Barcelona, but every minute of it would be truly exceptional, with an up-close and uninterrupted view of the eccentric viewpoints in Barcelona, you can select historic places that link together and spend enjoying the ride and view. 

Extra Tip: As a football lover, I suggest you take out time to visit Camp Nou-Barca Museum and Tour, to appreciate the architectural landscape of the stadium. Also, visit the Monument of Christopher Columbus and the World Trade Center to experience wonderful sights in Barcelona. 


No more second-guessing, no more hesitation, this blog post was written to arouse and attract to the fantastic viewpoints Barcelona has to offer.

Now, for your next trip, vacation, or family sightseeing, enjoy your time in these beautiful places mentioned above and leave a comment.

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