Camping With A Cat? Here’s What to Know

Camping With A Cat?

Camping with a cat may seem unnatural, as kitties are indoor pets. However, it is possible to have a camping kitty, to help make your camping trip memorable. This write would serve you all you need to know about camping with your cat. 

When camping with a cat, prepare for a short trip, ensure the campsite is cat-friendly, bring along a cat backpack, get your cat accustomed to nature (backyard or park) before camping, feed your cat well, be mindful of other pets, and stay away from crowded areas. 

Camping requires planning, this applies to camping with a cat as well. Ensure to engage in mindful preparation, and pack all the needed cat-camping gear. To assist with the process, this article would outline useful tips, for a successful camping trip.

Camping With A Cat? Here’s What to Know Before The Trip 

Firstly, before planning a camping trip, your cat needs to acclimate to nature. For an indoor cat, take them to play in the backyard, for a walk, and to the park. Help them adjust slowly and see how your cat reacts. If your cat loves the idea, you are both ready for the planning stage. 

Next, if it’s your cat’s first time, plan for a short camping trip, or a weekend at a cat-friendly campsite. It’s best to inquire about this to know which is best to go with and opt for a short trip, to help your cat adjust better. Also, with a pet-friendly campsite, there are likely to be other pets or dogs present, bear in mind to help your cat adjust to this as well.

You need to check the weather, do not camp with a cat at extreme weather temperatures. The ideal temperature for a cat is 65-75°F, it is best to camp with your cat during these weather conditions. If your cat isn’t generally friendly, avoid large crowds, camp in a remote area or an area with small crowds. To allow your cat to adjust to people, with plenty of space for exploring too. 

Plan to prepare a space for your cat, it could be a tent or your car. This is necessary as your cat can rest there when it feels stressed, or feel safe. It is better to opt for locations that allow you to drive up to your campsite. You should also pack enough water to keep them hydrated, and enough dry and wet food from the kitty’s regular diet, to feed your cat. 

Invest in a cat leash or cat backpack. You know your cat best, if you feel a leash may not be comfortable for your cat, the option of a cat backpack is available. It helps them rest while you tour the campsite and does not slow you down. You can also consider practicing fire safety with your kitty beforehand, to know how your cat would react to campfires and how to prevent endangering them. 

Camping With A Cat?

During The Camping Trip

During camping, as having their own space is necessary, your campsite should include a cat’s litter box spot. You should bring a litter box and enough litter to last the entire trip, in case your cat isn’t comfortable with going to the bathroom on the campsite. Keep the litter box in one place throughout the trip, so your cat knows where to go, for their potty break. 

Always keep your car at eye distance during camping. Camping may present some dangers, that can be avoided when you monitor your cat. Always keep them in a safe spot or where you can monitor them. Carry along first-aid kits to clean up you and your cat, in case of any injury, and ensure your cat is vaccinated or on prevention treatment before the trip.

Also, prepare to search for your cat, in case it gets lost. Check familiar areas you trailed or holes in trees and rock crevices. During the nighttime, a flashlight is a way to illuminate your cat’s eyes or have the leash outfitted with light, and always be mindful of animal traps. 

After Camping

After a short bonding trip with your cat, you should monitor your cat for signs of ailment, stress, or being overwhelmed.

You can take your kitty, to your veterinarian, to ascertain your cat’s health and give your pet, a relaxing treatment at home, when you return.

Wrapping Up

Now that you’re aware of all the safety precautions and a handful of information to bear in mind when camping with your cat. You can have an enjoyable camping experience with your cat curled up on your lap, while you both enjoy what nature has to offer. 

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