13 Camping Game Ideas For Couples

13 Camping Game Ideas For Couples

It is a popular notion, that camping helps individuals come together and enjoy nature, in its simplest form. In simple terms, camping allows for bonding and aiding to understand one’s self. 

Therefore, camping with your significant other, wife, or lover can help you bond better. Camping can be the piece to foster the steamy, and spontaneous heat needed to brighten your love life. 

Some simple and fun camping games for couples include; charades, board games, card games, question games, riddles, frisbee games, shooting with a water gun, playing darts, setting up a hammock or tent, would you rather, mimic someone, or a drinking game. 

Whether you plan camping, as a way to know each other better, as a proposal trip, an anniversary trip, or an adventurous trip. These games would keep the camping mood light, fun, and memorable. Never forget to modify camping games to suit your, and your partner’s style better. 

Let’s Start With The Basic Ground Rules

As you plan to have a memorable camping experience with your partner or loved one, there are a few things to bear in mind, while doing so;

  • These suggested camping games are just a guideline, you can make a game out of any memory or anything.
  • You can freestyle and make a romantic version, for any games, you both like.
  • Read this write, with open interest, to unlock the right game or camping activity, for you and your partner.

Pre-Camping Games For Couples

The best way to get your partner in the camp gaming mood is to introduce some simple games on your way to the campsite. Any safe game is fine, with a romantic spice added to it, it could be a game you played while growing up or something your partner enjoys. 

Here are 5 recommended, pre-camping games, to play on your way to the campsite. 

1. Would You Rather?

This is a creative enjoyable game, that helps you get to know your partner more. You can ask two random questions, and ask which one they would rather do and why. It can be weird or funny, and it’s a way to make your partner laugh.

2. The Questions Game

Popular question games like “20 questions” or “36 questions”, come into mind, and you and your partner can decide to freestyle it any way you like. You can use your smartphone, to ask your partner questions, and hear how they decide to handle the situation. Or you can think of an object, and your partner has 20 questions to guess using hints of what that object is. There’s also the opportunity to personalize, ask each other questions and offer answers, to understand each other more. 

3. I Spot With My Eyes Game

This is a fun road trip game, that you and your partner can convert to remember memories about each other. You can say I spot with my eyes “something eatable” and have your partner guess it. This can lead to you both speaking about your first date, the meal you had, and reminiscing on the special moments that brought you together. 

4. The Mimicking Game

This is fun and maybe distracting. If your partner is driving, ensure you’re the one doing the mimicking and use speech, so he/she doesn’t have to look at you while driving. Mimic a person, movie line, actor, or a scenario and have your partner guess. It’s creative and you both would have a good laugh. 

5. Who Am I or Riddles

This can be played in different styles. Just like doing a mimic, you can simply quote something, and have your partner guess who said it or where it came from. You can also choose to think of a personality and have your partner, throw questions and use hints to guess the personality. Or play a simple riddle game, you can construct it, to fit past experiences shared. 

Note: These are conversationalist games, so ensure the mood is right, before introducing these games, and chose games that are road-friendly, if your partner is driving. 

Camping Games For Couples – During Camping 

Here is a list of games, these games involve activities that stimulate bonding as well.

hammock camping
Image: @caitlinrheaphotos via Twenty20

6. Setting Up The Tent or Hammock

This is a binding way, for you and your partner to learn about working together to achieve a goal. If you don’t know about pitching a tent or setting up a hammock, you can browse on it and have you both pick the task together and collaborate to achieve the desired result. After it’s set up, give each other compliments, address your shortcomings, and you can gift something to each other. 

7. Spot The Object

While in the woods, you choose a thing from your surroundings and have your partner guess it. Giving their hints and uses of the said object, without giving the object away. Your partner has to guess while observing the campsite and the hints you gave them. You can take turns. 

8. Tell Me A Story

This is an interesting way to captivate your partner and enjoy your practice on your storytelling skills. Tell your partner, a fictional story, that would keep them engaged whilst you both rest after a day of hiking. You can use the scar you got from childhood, past experiences, or a horror story, within an agreed time limit. Take turns after each other. 

9. Tossing The Frisbee

This is an interesting way to keep the energy level high during your camping trip. If you didn’t come along with a frisbee, use a simple plastic, that would hurt your partner. Toss the frisbee to your partner, and if it hits them, allocate a point, if it doesn’t, hide or avoid it to prevent yourself from being a target. Take turns until you both are exhausted, and the winner gets a gift. 

10. Playing With A Water Gun

After a hot day of hiking, this is a fun way to cool off and laugh with your partner. Fill your water gun with water and you can add coloring. Take cover and start to shoot the other. With coloring, you can easily see, who got shot more and who the loser is. 

Image: @VitalyRomanovich via Twenty20

Board Games To Stimulate The Mind

Here are some board games to carry with you and play when camping as a couple.

11. Scrabble

If you both enjoy playing scrabbles, it’s a good way to stimulate the mind and broaden each other’s knowledge. To spice it up, set a rule to use only romantic words or pertaining to a romantic memory of you both. Have a dictionary at hand and tease each other throughout the game. 

12. Card Games

Come along with any pack of cards you like, and have a fun time, playing camp games with your partner. You both can set the rules and have the loser of each round do something. Keep each round short, and you can chip in another conversing game, while at it. 

13. The Game of Charade

This requires prep-up, but it’s a simple, fun game. The cards would be placed upside down, and each person picks one. Within a time limit, you have to leave hints, using gestures to your partner to guess what was in the card, without saying a word. Keep going in turns. 


Camping games are an interesting way to add spice and build an unforgettable bond with your partner.

It helps to understand each other better and build a better relationship with them.

Enjoy these suggested games with your partner, in a way you both like and you can choose to add drinking games like; Truth or Dare or Never Have I Ever, to add that steamy, spicy, touch, you need to re-create that romantic spark with each other. 

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